Ayurvedic Diet Plan To Keep You Healthy

Ayurvedic Diet Plan

Ayurvedic Diet Plan

The Ayurveda diet is more than just another dietary fads. This diet has been around probably more than any other diet plan. Based on the ancient Indian concept of body types, this diet treats each individual as an individual. There are several aspects for an Ayurveda diet. Some of the simple ones would be the inclusion of seasonal foods in what you eat. To a perfect diet plan based of Ayurveda principles, you should check out the following points.


Pitta diet because within the heat of the summer, you typically face stomach problems. So, all of the foods eaten during summer must cool the stomach. For instance, curd fights body heat and cools on the stomach.


The winter requires you to definitely have a vata diet to combat the dryness within the weather. You must have highly hydrating foods. Oily and warm foods are perfect for this season so that you beat the chilly weather.


People with a predominance of Kapha in their nature possess a solid, powerful build and great physical strength and endurance. They’re slow and graceful for action, with a tranquil, relaxed personality and powerful retentive memory.

Fruits and Vegetables

For those who have a pitta dosha, try to eat sweet fruits, for example figs, red and purple grapes, pears and pineapple. The Ayurvedic diet recommends keeping away from sour fruits, such as rhubarb, grapefruit, cranberries, cherries and bananas.

Grains and Beans

When selecting grains, seek whole wheat bread, barley, oats, kamut and amaranth to balance pitta. Granola, crackers and quinoa also make good options. Avoid grains such as brown rice and buckwheat. In terms of beans, Ayurvedic medicine recommends navy, pinto and soy beans for pitta doshas.


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